Fuel Additives

Today’s petroleum fuel refiners, marketers and Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) producers are operating in an era of striking changes and tighter margins. Environmental legislation to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy is having a great impact on fuel formulations and engine system design. Infineum delivers a wide range of fuel additives that enhance existing fuel properties (such as cold flow and lubricity) and bring unique performance features to enable fuel marketers to differentiate their products. Through research and development we are continually improving our additives to meet new environmental and business challenges.

Our products have demonstrated reliable and harms-free performance over the range of fossil distillate fuels and their blends with biodiesel, heavy fuel oils, crude oils and waxy raffinates.

Refinery, Pipeline, Terminal and Process

For decades, Infineum has played a leading role in shaping the cold flow and lubricity businesses through active participation in industry test methods and novel technology development.
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Fuel Performance Additives

Fuel performance additives have been delivering flexible and advanced solutions to the ever-changing market environment. Over many years Infineum’s Fuel Performance Additive products have demonstrated benefits in applications such as on-road and off-road diesel vehicles (Premium Diesel Additives), home heating oil (Premium Heating Oil Additives) and marine (Marine Fuel Performance Additives).
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Marine Fuel Performance Additives

Infineum’s Marine Fuel Performance Additives are designed to meet the challenges created by changing emissions regulations and fuel standards, and variable fuel quality. Fuel quality is affected by desulphurization, fuel instability and increased deposits in exhaust tracts, boilers and heat exchangers.
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Biodiesel Additives

In a world of diversity and complexity, Infineum understands the opportunities and challenges fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) producers and marketers face. The Infineum R brand includes additives to improve critical aspects of biodiesel fuels.
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Fuel Borne Catalysts

As a result of our ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility, Infineum has developed fuel borne catalysts (FBCs) for the regeneration of diesel particulate filters (DPFs).
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