Industrial Portfolio

The industrial market segment accounts for one third of global lubricant consumption. To meet the needs of this important segment, Infineum has specialised additive solutions for compressor fluids, metalworking fluids and tackifiers.

To learn more about the industrial additive products available from Infineum, please contact your local sales office or contact us directly.

Compressor Fluids

Infineum has developed a range of fully-formulated synthetic fluids for use in industrial air and gas compressors, bearing lubrication systems and mist lubrication arrangements. The Vistone product family is formulated with synthetic ester-base fluids and high-performance, ash-free additive systems.
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Metalworking Fluids

Infineum offers a comprehensive range of emulsifier components, including the well-established and proven Synacto product family. These products are high-performance synthetic sodium sulphonates, principally designed for use in water-extendible metalworking coolants.
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Included within Infineum's industrial products component portfolio is the world-renowned tackiness additive – PARATAC©.
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