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ANDEROL brand is a leading manufacturer and marketer of high-performance specialty lubricants used in wide ranging industrial applications backed by more than 70 years of experience. ROYCO a ANDEROL brand has a pedigree of technological leadership, pioneering the use of synthetic fluids in aviation to support the American war effort. Its patented technology enabled American military planes to fly across the Atlantic without suffering catastrophic engine overheating.

At the dawn of the jet age Anderol Specialty Lubricants’ Royco® brand established itself as the preeminent lubricant for aviation. Ever since, Royco® fluids have been a trusted and a leading technology for the most critical of applications. From the bitter cold of the poles to the simmering heat of the world’s deserts, these engineered fluids deliver unrivaled performance for the most advanced defense and commercial aerospace requirements. It is certain that the Royco® brand is what you can rely on for your aerospace and defense fluids needs.

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